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Show a sick child some Valentine’s Day love! ❤

Children are hospitalized all around the country this Valentine’s Day, and several children’s hospitals and medical centers have created a simple way for you to share the love with a child in need. For a limited time, you can send a Valentine’s Day Message and brighten a child’s day through this free program!

Even sweeter, Hasbro will donate $1 to Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles for every FREE card sent through this siteup to $25,000!

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All you have to do to participate is choose a hospital below (or all of them!) and head to their website. Some hospitals even have cute children’s Valentine’s Day card templates that have been designed by the patients. Just fill out your contact information and write your own special message!

Nothing feels better than brightening someone else’s day! If you can, please take a minute to put a smile on the face of one of these sweet kiddos this Valentine’s Day! 💖

Check out these participating hospitals:

Make this cute DIY Valentine’s Day Snack Box for someone, too!

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