What is “Clear the List”? It’s a nationwide movement to support teachers by purchasing items for their school supply lists.

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While school may be getting out for summer, Teachers are already working to prepare their classrooms for the new 2024-2025 school year, and this typically means stocking up on school supplies!

Did you know that many teachers pay for a majority of classroom supplies out of their own pockets? Yes, it’s true! Classroom supplies are not cheap and some school districts & families are struggling. This leaves many teachers to pay for school supplies themselves.

Teachers always go the extra mile for their students, so let’s show them how much we appreciate them by fulfilling their supply lists!

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week which is the perfect time to help support teachers with the Clear The List movement! ❤️

Pile of school supplies including pencils, markers, glue and more

You can help by donating items from teachers’ Amazon shopping lists!

Teachers and educational professionals can head over to Amazon, create a classroom wish list, and then share their lists publicly. Even better, anyone can ‘donate’ items that are on the list, and after donating, donors can even leave a note or message letting the teacher know how much they are appreciated. So awesome!

Even better, if you post your list on social media and tag Amazon with #clearthelist, you may find that your list is cleared BY Amazon! So cool!

Teachers, follow these steps to make your classroom wish list on Amazon:

  • Head over to Amazon and hover over Account & List at the top. Select ‘Create a List’ from the drop-down menu and name your list.
  • Hover over the three dots More menu on the right, and click Manage List to update your shipping address (this is important!) and other preferences like whether you want the list to be private or public. You can also designate whether your list is for an organization and if so, you’ll have the option to provide the website address of the organization.
  • Click ‘Save’ and then you can start adding items to your list!
  • To add items to your wish list, simply browse for products on Amazon and then click ‘Add to List’ under the Buy box on the right-hand side of any item’s product detail page.
  • Only list owners can make changes through Manage List. Both list owners and collaborators will be able to add and remove items.

If you’re a teacher, be sure to share your teacher list in the comments below so that readers can help clear your list! 🙌

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